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Monday, March 30, 2015

Seeing the Past Clearly

On February 26, I had elective eye surgery that's resulted in more than a month without normal vision, and much of that time in quarantine.

My life has become a series of workarounds: how can I complete a deadline piece of reading or writing without being able to sit down at my laptop and work as usual? what can I do around the house while tearing and in pain instead of reading or writing? how can I pass the time when I have a highly contagious viral conjunctivitis when I can't leave the house, or read, or write, or watch Netflix on a back-lit screen? how can I meet deadlines for car inspection, taxes, grant applications, online teaching and bill paying without vision or contact with the world?

Somehow, I found a way to get through that time.  I still don't have the quality of vision that I had before I elected to "improve" it, but have seen significant healing in the past few days, just in time to join the other 3500 members and catch up with RootsMOOC, the free online genealogy course being offered by the State Library of North Carolina.

I'm hoping that the determination to find workarounds for my activities of daily living without eyesight will kick in again as I tackle my family research.

March, that lost month, is over, and I'm looking to April for new starts.